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Your Pilates Lifestyle Sept-Oct 2019 FitNews

Sept-Oct 2019 FitNews Newsletter

September October newsletter

Catch up on the latest Pilates and fitness news in my September-October 2019 newsletter.

Why Reformer training is the most effective low-impact fitness exercise, swimming around icebergs, and making sure your first aid kit is ready for home emergencies.

Your Pilates LIfestyle March-April 2019 Fitnews

March-April 2019 FitNews Newsletter

The March-April 2019 newsletter highlights how one world-class lead dancer for the Bolshoi Ballet was able to rehabilitate potentially career ending injuries with Pilates. Other articles include that ringing in your ears, what you need to do if all you do is sit all day long, and a popular and easy to make seafood recipe that’s fresh and tasty.

Read your copy online here: Your Pilates Lifestyle Newsletter – Do The 100 FitNews – March – April, 2019.

Your Pilates Lifestyle January-February 2019 FitNews

January-February 2019 FitNews Newsletter

Indian Rocks Beach Florida

The January-February 2019 newsletter digs into the role cardio plays in maintaining our health, and how walking is surprisingly effective as both recreation and exercise. Other articles include how this well known ESPN female sports reporter’s Pap smear saved her life, putting a stop to robocalls, and a newcomer’s guide to understanding that mysterious Pilates apparatus.

Read your copy online here: Your Pilates Lifestyle Newsletter – Do The 100 FitNews – January – February, 2019.

Your Pilates Lifestyle August-September Fitnews Newsletter

August-September 2018 Fitnews Newsletter

August-September 2018 takes a look at how weight training can improve longevity, Joseph Pilates obituary in the New York Times, and telltale signs you’re not getting enough to drink.

Read your copy online here: Your Pilates Lifestyle Newsletter – Do The 100 FitNews – August – September, 2018

Your Pilates Lifestyle Newsletter – Do The 100 FitNews – April-May, 2018

Your Pilates Lifestyle April-May 2018 Fitnews

Planking news

Your Pilates Lifestyle April-May Do The 100 FitNews newsletter — download your copy for the latest updates on planking technique, hydration tips from Mayo Clinic, cross-training, and more.

September 2016 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle September, 2016 Fitnews


We’re talking about does coffee count towards hydration, safe alternatives to opioids, and how much exercise do we really need. Hip flexors get a going over also, so take a look!

May 2016 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle May, 2016 Fitnews

YPL May, 2016

Here’s what’s making YPL news: Pelvic Floor exercises, World Record planks, training for the Rio Olympics, and more!

April 2016 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle April 2016 Fitnews

YPL April Fitnews

Hollywood’s “Normal” Perfect Bodies Explained

Read all about it in Your Pilates Lifestyle Fitnews. Think Hollywood’s biggest stars come by their bodies naturally? Turns out it’s an awful lot of really hard work. Just ask J. Law! Also: six-pack abs, ACL injuries, Major League Baseball Pilates training, and more.

October 2015 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle October, 2015 Fitnews


Happy Birthday YPL!

It’s Happy Birthday to Your Pilates Lifestyle, as we celebrate five years of Classical Pilates fitness instruction to the Florida Gulf Coast! Here’s what’s in the news this month:

  • Hydration Tips
  • Flu Shot Update
  • Add Years By Working Out
  • Mindbody Adds Fitbit
  • Schedule Changes

Find out more in Your Pilates Lifestyle FitNews online!

October 2014 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle October, 2014 Fitnews

YPL October, 2014 Newsletter

YPL Celebrates Our 4th Birthday

Your Pilates Lifestyle turns four this month! Boy has time flown by since I first opened my door back in 2010, with little more than hope and a deep belief that a Classic Pilates studio would find appeal among Suncoast residents looking for a quality fitness experience.