About Power Pilates

Your Pilates Lifestyle Is Power Pilates Certified

Power Pilates was founded in 1989 with one goal – to provide classical pilates training that honors the integrity of the method developed by Joseph Pilates. Since then, Power Pilates has created a global community of passionate professionals and consumers stretching from the USA to South America, Europe and the Far East. Today, there are more than 100 affiliate and participating training centers worldwide, supported by over 7,000 Power Pilates trained graduates.

There are many pilates training programs on the market claiming to be the fastest, the cheapest or the easiest. Power Pilates took a different tack right from its inception and is neither the fastest, nor the cheapest, nor the easiest. Power Pilates is distinguished by an unrelenting emphasis on the classical pilates method. Our systematic teaching model and rigorous training standards further the development of confidence and leadership.

Power Pilates’ teaching process provides essential tools that act as a blueprint for students to follow. Each program is organized into a series of exercises which have been documented in a model and consistently adhered to by all of our Teacher Trainers throughout the world. The documentation addresses the anatomical foundations, ideal/alternative movements and specific verbal and sensory cues to provide the student with a thorough teaching foundation.

The systematic approach makes teaching simpler and enables us to focus on a consistent teaching experience. As a result, wherever and whenever you take a Power Pilates class, you experience the same high quality program through the various voices and personalities of each of our graduates.

We simply don’t believe in cutting corners to save a few training hours. A Power Pilates certified instructor is a leader with a deep understanding of pilates: exercises, technique, teaching skills and history. Our teachers know how to evaluate a client’s body to determine how to progress.

Power Pilates professional education goes beyond the technical training. It includes developing leadership skills, problem solving skills and business awareness. We believe that all these skills are essential in preparing a Power Pilates teacher for a successful career.

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