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Ready to Start Walking? Lets Go!

Walking Is Living

Walking is hands down one of the best forms of cardio and general exercise we can do for our bodies. It’s super accessible for every age, just about every body type, and is always free.

Pick A Park — Any Park

One of the great things about Pinellas County is our extensive park system that’s perfect for walking. The same goes for the communities that make up the Suncoast and their park and fitness facilities.

Take a minute to watch this video. Then find some comfortable shoes, grab a bottle of water, and lets start walking. If you’re not used to this most human of all exercises or its been awhile, take it easy at first. You’ll quickly find out, though, that progress comes pretty quickly.

Park Or Beach, It’s Tough to Choose

But if parks aren’t for you, the good news is there’s a beach nearby that offers a unique fitness activity of its own — walking in the sand adds extra resistance and if you’re barefoot every joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle in the lower leg, ankle, and foot gets its own mini-workout.

And having an app to help keep track is simple. Map My Run is a favorite, also Training Peaks. Both are free, and record plenty of useful workout information.

Your Pilates Lifestyle July-August 2019 Fitnews

July-August 2019 Fitnews Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle July-August 2019 newsletter

Read up on the latest Pilates fitness news in my July-August 2019 YPL Fitnews newsletter.

It’s the dog days of summer, and everyone’s just trying to stay cool. I go exploring in and around our great county parks, and find some interesting wildlife along the way. Are you a golfer? Find out why Pilates is such a great low-impact part of improving your game. And while we’re at it, lets try and cut back on sugar in our diet.


Your Pilates Lifestyle January-February 2019 FitNews

January-February 2019 FitNews Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle January February 2019 newsletter

My January-February 2019 Fitnews newsletter digs into the role cardio plays in maintaining our health, and how walking is surprisingly effective as both mental recreation and exercise. Other articles include how this well known ESPN female sports reporter’s Pap smear saved her life, putting a stop to robocalls, and a newcomer’s guide to understanding that mysterious Pilates apparatus.

Get your online copy here: Your Pilates Lifestyle Newsletter – Do The 100 FitNews – January – February, 2019.