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Your Pilates Lifestyle March-April 2021 Newsletter

March April 2021 newsletter nameplate

March-April 2021 Do The 100 Fitnews Newsletter

Catch up on the latest Pilates and fitness news with my March-April 2021 newsletter.

Alycea Ungaro’s Pilates trajectory is amazing. Gratz Pilates interviews her about her background, training, and how she’s succeeded at establishing her Real Pilates studio brand around the globe.

Walking is perhaps the simplest built-in human action. We use it to get from A to B, but in the process there are newly discovered benefits that go far beyond just the physical.

This Triathlete was used to succeeding until a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis put her on the sidelines. Dedication, perseverance, and luck combined with grueling workouts have given her a second chance.

Catch up on these and other stories in my March-April 2021 Do The 100 Fitnews newletter.

Your Pilates Lifestyle January-February 2021 Newsletter

January-February 2021 Fitnews Newsletter

Catch up on the latest Pilates and fitness news with my January-February 2021 newsletter.

More background on Joseph Pilate’s Wunda Chair. It’s more than a workout apparatus, he actually designed as living room furniture at a time when few had access to several thousand square feet of living space.

I also take a look at what core strength really means in practical terms. Forget the six-pack abs the ads for supplements and gimmicky devices picture—its what you can’t see that counts.

Low impact has been and always will be a signature characteristic of Pilates. Because of that, Pilates remains effective across all age groups.

Your Pilates Lifestyle July-August 2020 Fitnews

YPL July August newsletter

July-August 2020 Fitnews Newsletter

Catch up on the latest Pilates and fitness news with my July-August 2020 newsletter.

One of my Pilates clients witnessed a sea turtle mama come ashore, dig her nest, and lay her eggs on the beach behind her home before returning to the sea. She shared a few moments with YPL.

Joseph Pilates Wunda Chair seldom gets the respect it deserves. Granted, Pilates apparatus tends to be strange looking, and the Chair is no exception. Why is it called a Chair? What can it do that’s unique? Find out.

If you’re a caffeine consumer, there’s no reason to hang your head — it’s a good thing. And if doing lunges is part of your fitness repertoire, make sure you’re performing the movements correctly.

October 2015 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle October, 2015 Fitnews


Happy Birthday YPL!

It’s Happy Birthday to Your Pilates Lifestyle, as we celebrate five years of Classical Pilates fitness instruction to the Florida Gulf Coast! Here’s what’s in the news this month:

  • Hydration Tips
  • Flu Shot Update
  • Add Years By Working Out
  • Mindbody Adds Fitbit
  • Schedule Changes

Find out more in Your Pilates Lifestyle FitNews online!

October 2014 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle October, 2014 Fitnews

YPL October, 2014 Newsletter

YPL Celebrates Our 4th Birthday

Your Pilates Lifestyle turns four this month! Boy has time flown by since I first opened my door back in 2010, with little more than hope and a deep belief that a Classic Pilates studio would find appeal among Suncoast residents looking for a quality fitness experience.

August 2014 Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle August, 2014 Fitnews

YPL August 2014 newsletter

Greek Style Yogurt Gets Two Thumbs Up

Diet tips and fitness hints in this Dog Days of Summer August, 2014 newsletter.