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Your Pilates Lifestyle July-August 2019 Fitnews

July-August 2019 Fitnews Newsletter

Your Pilates Lifestyle July-August 2019 newsletter

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It’s the dog days of summer, and everyone’s just trying to stay cool. I go exploring in and around our great county parks, and find some interesting wildlife along the way. Are you a golfer? Find out why Pilates is such a great low-impact part of improving your game. And while we’re at it, lets try and cut back on sugar in our diet.


Pilates Can Help Your Golf Game – Really!

Just think about it. Golfers always favor one side of the body when approaching the ball and taking their swing (I assume you’re no different), which leads to a consistently lopsided game. Do you hold your breath? Lose your concentration? What is your body alignment?

All of these things are addressed in the Pilates Method which focuses on concentration, centering, core strength, posture, alignment, breath, flexibility (including rotational flexibility) and a uniformly developed body.

Stability in the pelvic and shoulder girdles translates into better balance.

A strong core coupled with stability and increased rotational flexibility leads to a better balanced golf swing and increased power to the club head.

Add in proper breathing, increased body awareness (i.e. posture, alignment and which muscle groups are being recruited to perform the task at hand) as well as a more focused approach, and it all adds up to a more biomechanically correct stance, swing and, ultimately, improved efficiency of movement for a lifetime of enjoyment on the course.