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CDC Handwashing Guidelines – Why, How, What to Use

studio reopens May, 2020

YPL Studio Reopens Monday, May 18

As we prepare to reopen with new client protocols in place and even higher standards of hygiene, it might be helpful to review the most basic, easiest, and most effective method for interrupting the COVID virus — handwashing.

The Center for Disease Control website explains the reasons behind handwashing, how to effectively achieve the intended results, and a note on hand sanitizers. To use a common reference, this isn’t rocket science, yet handwashing is certainly the simplest, and perhaps the most effective method for destroying the COVID virus. Thanks to nature, the way the virus is built leaves it vulnerable to simple soap and water.

Soap And Water Are Ruthless Towards Viruses

It’s important to understand the different results achieved with handwashing using soap and water, and the use of hand sanitizers. Soap and water — the water temperature doesn’t matter — destroys the coronavirus outer envelope, does so quickly, and is broadly effective when simple rules for length of time and method of washing are followed. Handwashing can and will help protect you against acquiring COVID through contact transmission.

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The coronavirus begins spreading across the country, and we’re taking precautions to make sure the studio is sanitized against the disease.

A big part of staying healthy is eating healthy. A couple of easy to prepare and easy on the pocket book meals get highlighted; panko fried chicken thighs, squash soup, and a simple tomato zucchini gratin get dinner on the table in no time.