Four Movies For St. Patrick’s Day

some of my favorite movies

Four Of My Favorite Movies

I don’t collect a lot of movies but these are four of my favorites. Mostly comedies, I always find an occasion to watch them again as St. Patrick’s Day comes around. I don’t have a favorite, but I’ve got several scenes that I look forward to again and again.

In no particular order…

  • Waking Ned Devine – a village finds a way: stars naked old men, a pig farmer and the lottery
  • Leap Year – the latest addition, road trip gone bad before it turns wonderful: watch your step
  • the Matchmaker – instant heritage: just add mischief, and no jigging on top of the limo
  • The Quiet Man – a classic that celebrates every known Irish cliche in ways that wouldn’t make it onto the screen these days



Steelers WR Antonio Brown does Pilates

Pilates is just for girls – NO WAY! I’ve included a short video clip of Steelers WR Antonio Brown doing a couple of his Pilates moves. Pilates can benefit most people of any age, level or gender. In fact, anyone who wants to improve how their bodies move and perform even every day tasks can benefit from the practice. Granted, not everyone is an athlete capable of performing exercises at the highest level. That doesn’t mean you can’t strive to make your body function better and move more efficiently.


Simple Rollup? Think Again!

One of the staple exercises in Pilates is the rollup. It seems and looks simple yet many people experience difficulty with it. There’s a reason – it’s not that simple!

You must call on several muscle groups in a specific order to perform this exercise. For a great animated video of what’s required check out this link. Remember, it takes practice and persistence to accomplish anything worthwhile!

Mindbody Web Site Targeted

For the past three days, our provider of client account services, Mindbody, has been the target of a continuous cyber attack called a Denial of Service. The attackers focus on the victim’s web site and attempt to overwhelm it by various means. This was the case with Mindbody, which at various times over the past 72 hours or so has been unavailable, or barely functioning.

We’ve been assured by Mindbody that they’re almost back up (as this is posted) to full speed, and that no data has been compromised. The intent of the attack seems to have been to purely disrupt the function of the site.

On our end, we now have full access to scheduling, account information, etc. Depending on who you get your internet access from, you may have the same results, or you may still have problems getting to your Mindbody online account.

Mindbody’s done a pretty good job of letting customers know what’s happened, and what means they can take to restore connectivity, at their main social media sites. You can follow them on twitter and Facebook. We hope any inconvenience has been minimal, and again want to thank our great clients for your patience and understanding.

New To Pilates? Try Our Saturday Intro Class

You’ve heard about Pilates from t.v. or magazines, maybe seen a mat class or two at the gym, and you’re wondering just how it all works. We decided it’s easier to show than tell and have added a new Saturday morning class just for newcomers who want to try before deciding if it’s right for them.

Our class starts with a little Pilates background and description of the specialized equipment before introducing you to a half hour mat workout to get you going. You’ll leave the studio with a clear understanding of basic Pilates principles and how they translate into a fitter you for a healthier lifestyle.

Gift Certificates Are Convenient, Appreciated

We’re now offering gift certificates online or in the studio. They’re a great way to introduce a newcomer to Pilates or reward a dedicated enthusiast with a single class or a series or group package. We’re now offering attractive in studio personalized cards, or select from a recently expanded selection of online choices.