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The Physical Art of Pilates Control

Pilates Control by Bluebird Pilates in Munich

This is a great example of Pilates control at its best. Bluebird Pilates in Munich uses a variety of studio equipment to demonstrate the ultimate in controlled Pilates movements.

Obviously, not everyone (or most of us for that matter) will achieve this level of precision and expertise. However, we can all benefit from striving to achieve our own personal best, and keeping this video in mind while performing our own practice is a good place to begin.

I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

Pilates Mind Body Connection


Understanding the Whole Body Pilates Method

When Joseph Pilates set out to introduce his innovative method of fitness training, he realized that successfully marketing the concept was a vital key to success. In order to communicate quickly and accurately his Whole Body approach, he designed the chart shown above.

For newcomers and practiced followers alike, his ability to visualize the essential five key connections between mind and body in a new and efficient way is as vital today as it was when he first conceived the relationships.