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Floor Workouts Are Fitness Fundamentals

mat floor class

Beyond Basics – Advanced Floor Classes

When someone thinks of Pilates, more often than not they’re thinking apparatus – Cadillac, Reformer or Tower usually come to mind, along with the cable shopping equipment demonstrations.

In reality, quite a few of us – myself included – were first introduced to Pilates as a floor exercise done on a skinny mat at the local club.

Not to take anything away from equipment classes, but a Classical floor exercise will challenge even the most ardent Pilates student. Add props like Magic Circles, balls and bands to target additional areas and all of a sudden the basic mat class is transformed into high energy fitness routine that stands on its own.

Finally, while a self-paced home session based on a web site dvd is better than nothing, professional coaching and equipment makes sure you’re achieving the desired results with maximum efficiency.

At YPL, we define floor work as mat and arc routines. Take the challenge and experience the difference.

Make Your Pushups Count

correct form for pushupsGet The Best Results By Using Correct Form

Despite what we learned back in elementary school, doing a pushup correctly requires a little thought in order to prevent injury and get the most benefit.

For men especially, avoiding injury while getting the maximum benefit isn’t as simple as it looks. These five pushup tips can help prevent rotator cuff damage while maximizing the results.

YPL Adds Balanced Body Arc Class

New Arc Class Adds Challenge to Floor Workout

We’re happy to announce the addition of a “group mat – Pilates Arc” class to our program. If you’re not familiar with the Balanced Body Arc please view it in action on Vimeo in a wonderfully inspiring video starring elite athlete (and Dancing With The Stars contestant) Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin.

Ms. Coughlin, best known for winning 11 medals in two Olympics, works out in fantastic Pilates form that she credits for helping her achieve such a high level of impact in her sport.

The Balanced Body Arc is a classic spine corrector as designed by Joseph Pilates but –

1) It has a more gentle curve on the barrel and a more rounded step to comfortably suit different body types.

2) It’s also an exercise arc with a gentle curve on one side and a steeper curve on the other.

3) It is lightweight for use in group classes.

The Arc is a great addition to any Pilates routine to improve spine flexibility, core strength, shoulder stability and as a chest and hip opener.

NOTE: Because the class incorporates spinal flexion and extension movements, you should check with your doctor if you have back issues to make sure it’s right for you.