YPL Studio Hygiene and Practices

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Studio Policies and Practices

Our enhanced hygienic practices — sanitizing, masking, filtering, and air circulation — are proven effective in minimizing transmission of COVID and other respiratory illnesses, including seasonal flu and the common cold. Frequent and thorough handwashing reduces the spread of both viral and bacterial illnesses, while distancing and masking effectively prevent airborne transmission of viruses. Finally, making sure vaccinations and boosters are up to date is the first line of defense in preventing serious illness.

1. Class Sizes

YPL contains exposure by limiting class size.

  1. Privates are always one-on-one. Try my popular New Client Intro 4-Pack to get started.
  2. Duets and Group classes are limited to two participants per session.
  3. Mat classes are on a limited case by case basis.

Class descriptions and availability are updated on our Mindbody client site.

2. Enhanced Hygiene and Sanitizing

Force gym wipesStudents taking responsibility for equipment sanitizing after a workout has always been an integral part of Your Pilates Lifestyle Classical Pilates instruction.

Interrupting viral and bacterial disease transmission (droplets (cough or sneeze) and aerosols (breathing)) with antiseptics, masking, and by continuously exchanging and filtering the studio air by using MERV 13 filter equipped HVAC and a seperate, HEPA equipped air purifier is a proven strategy.

We use a specially formulated EPA registered antiseptic gym wipe to clean the equipment that’s effective in limiting viruses and contact transmitted disease.

  • The instructor wears a mask. Pleated masks are available on request.
  • Upon entering the studio, clients should use a hand sanitizer or wash their hands before beginning their session.
  • After each session, students clean the apparatus in the usual fashion, using the provided Force antiseptic gym wipes.

Non-apparatus protocol: Door knobs, lavatory handles, and other commonly touched hard surfaces are wiped down frequently. Soft surfaces, the changing room, and the bathroom are regularly disinfected with an FDA approved sanitizing spray.

If you use the bathroom during your session, remember to wash your hands thoroughly when finished. Sanitizing wipes are provided for cleaning hard surfaces.

Finally, if for whatever reason you think you’re getting sick, stay home. The late cancel policy won’t apply, just call so we can make the necessary adjustments to your account.

3. Environmental Changes

To prevent airborne transmission of both bacteria and viruses we use a MERV 13 HVAC filter, and a Medify medical grade air purifier, to control suspended contaminates.

  1. The always on studio ventilation HVAC uses a hospital rated MERV 13 return filter.
  2. In addition, the air is constantly circulated by a stand-alone air purifier that uses a true HEPA medical grade 3 rated H13 filter.

medify air purifierThe A/C and air purifier run continuously during classes. The purifier filters the studio air every 15 minutes, through a HEPA medical grade 3-stage H13 filtration that’s rated 99.95% efficient at trapping particles as small as 0.1 micron – well within the size range (0.15) of COVID19. It also snags a lot of other airborne stuff we don’t want to breath.

The purifier also has an ionizing function that helps disable particles as well. This feature runs for two hours after each day’s final session.

Help Us Help You Stay Safe

This combination of pro-active policies helps protect clients and staff by interrupting community spread of airborne and contact diseases. In addition, vaccinations and boosters are the first line of defense against all respiratory and infectious viruses. Making sure you’re vaccinated and up-to-date with boosters helps keep everyone well.