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What Benefits Do You Get From Pilates?

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits you get from doing Pilates. Remember – Pilates is a practice. The more often you do it – the bigger the rewards!!

from the PMA Pilates Method Alliance on twitter

(Pilates M Alliance (@PMATWEETER) August 22, 2012)

YPL’s First National Pilates Day

If You Weren’t Able To Join Us Here’s What It Looked Like

Our first ever National Pilates Day event was full of energy, plenty of enthusiasm, a few groans, and a lot of laughter. Visitors to our free, full session mat events included Pilates newcomers as well as students already familiar with the basics.

We’re looking ahead to a bigger, better National Pilates Day in 2012 – and we hope you’ll be able to join us then!

Pilates: What Can It Do For Me?

Just recently came across this article by Barbara Russi Sarnataro on WebMD.  It seems to clarify some of the confusion about what Pilates is and what it can and can’t do.  As once explained to me “Pilates is a practice”.  Just like playing the piano, the more you do it and the more proficient you become in performing the exercises, the more benefits you reap.  All of which translates into a better quality of life through improved posture, core stabilization and utilization and freer range of motion in your day to day life.