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Farewell to Romana

A Living Legend Lost

Romana_and_DariOn August 30, 2013, the Pilates community lost Romana Kryzanowska (1923 – 2013), one of its brightest and most passionate stars.

As a young dancer, Romana suffered a bone chip in her ankle. After becoming disillusioned with her doctors prognosis, she discovered Joseph Pilates.

Following her successful rehabilitation she became his life-long and most famous disciple, and it is through her efforts and others like her that the practice flourishes today.

This 2005 Pilates conference in Paris celebrates Romana and her path to Pilates.

Although I never had the honor of meeting her in person, I have studied under and followed the teachings of others who were either directly or indirectly influenced by this passionate woman. This short video reflects the dedication, exhuberance and zest for life that was Romana.

TV News Reviews Pilates

“I feel like I’ve been slapped with a basket full of energy!”

That’s what the reporter in this video said is a primary benefit of her newly discovered Pilates practice. I thought this short (five minute) news report was interesting, informative, and might help take some of the scary out of Pilates. Not everyone will reach the level of a master instructor (and there aren’t that many that reach that level) but everyone can feel stronger, more flexible and physically fit, and achieve an overall sense of wellbeing through the practice of the Pilates method.

If your browser doesn’t display the Flash video, just follow this YouTube link.