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Labor Day Feels a Little Different This Year

Labor Day 2020

Lets celebrate Labor Day by thanking those essential workers who are keeping us safe during these challenging times.

Celebrating Labor Day By Saluting Essential Workers

Labor Day is when we (figuratively) begin saying goodbye to Summer, having already launched football season on a dozen different channels, and continue keeping our fingers crossed about the storms lining up off Africa’s west coast. This year it’s different.

I’ll still be cooking out, and today did notice a welcome change in the air as the temp was down a few degrees and the breeze felt cooler. But while football is beginning to tip-toe onto the screen, Labor Day this year means saying thank you to all those unrecognized workers whose labor keeps our trash picked up, our power turned on, our grocery stores stocked, and most of all our hospitals functioning.

This year, as we fire up the grills, bbqs, and smokers, lets really celebrate Labor Day, with a gentle thought to all those whose labor keeps us as safe as possible, under conditions that are anything but safe.