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Florida Fresh Seafood The Easy Way!

fresh Florida seafood

Easy To Make, Easier To Eat

Here's a simple way to impress family and friends by making fresh Florida seafood part of your diet and cooking a healthy dinner at home.

This easy-to-make medley for two was made with 8 ounces of fresh red grouper and a pound of mussels from the Publix just down the street, and a half-dozen 10-14 count Gulf pink shrimp from Mastry's Bait and Tackle in St. Pete.

Another great seven days a week source is the Key West Shrimp Company in Madeira Beach, just across the causeway. They offer a wide variety of fresh catch, including hogfish, grouper, and snapper, with exotics like lionfish as an occasional bonus, caught sustainably from their own boats.

Change The Ingredients And Make It Your Own

The shell peelings from the shrimp (tails left on for appearance) were used for a quick seafood stock, along with a pinch of saffron, shallots, garlic, a shake of red pepper flakes, and a few other seasonings.

The grouper was dusted with flour, browned in a skillet, and placed in the bowl before adding the broth, steamed mussels, and shrimp. A handful of miniature red potatoes was included for a starch. Adding butter or olive oil to the broth gives it a nice finish.

Sauté the mussels and other stuff, then add stock, lemon juice, and some white wine if desired. This time the shrimps were sautéed ahead of time, be careful not to overcook.

Rounding out the meal was a Romaine and Roquefort salad, served with braised asparagus and a Pecorino Romano cheese cream sauce. All enjoyed with a glass of chardonnay to balance out flavors.

Wow! YPL Turns 8 YO!

Your Pilates Lifestyle turned eight years old! Thanks to all my great clients continued support over the years, what was once only a dream after years as a legal secretary has matured into a destination for those wanting a low-impact, Classical Pilates fitness program.

Each and every one of my students, from Dubai, Alberta CA, Toronto, London, Texas, New York, Michigan, and just around the corner, is responsible for the success I’ve achieved since opening the door back in 2010.

If you’ve had a positive Pilates experience, a short review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp would be very much appreciated. Click any of the links below to help spread the word.

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Love How Glam Star Pilates Pro Pink Rocks Her Teaser!

Pink rocks her teaser

Flu Season Is Here — Time To Decide

What You Need To Know

Maybe you’re someone who “never gets sick”. If so, here are a few things to consider. Last winter, 80,000 Americans died from flu related illness. Think about that number. A spouse, child, or parent got sick one day, ended up in intensive care, and never came home.

Initial research points to the fact that fewer people were vaccinated, leading to the uptick in preventable deaths.

Flu shots save lives. A lot of lives. They're not a sure thing, the way polio vaccine is, but regardless of efficacy some is always better than none.

And something else to consider: maybe you come down with the flu, and it knocks you off your feet for a week. But while you're contagious, you might infect someone else who may not be so lucky, a child perhaps, an elderly person, or a cancer patient with a compromised immune system.

planking for core strength

1918 Is What Gives Scientists Nightmares

A century ago the world didn’t have a flu vaccine. The 1918 pandemic (H1N1) that swept the globe killed over 675,000 in the United States alone, and between 30 and 50 million worldwide.

Here are a few tips if you’re still making up your mind.

  • Your shot shouldn't cost you. Most plans pay, and public health departments give free shots.
  • The shot can’t give you the flu.
  • Just because you’ve had the shot doesn’t mean you can’t catch a different strain.

In older recipients, protection may be lessened but it can sure minimize the effects if you should catch the flu; speaking from experience.

Learn more about the flu here. And if you’d like to keep track, visit Flu Near You. Even better, participate.

Raise Your Hand If You Get It

running on the reformer means we're almost finished!

Live Forever? No, But Maybe Live Better

Lets face it, getting old isn’t for the faint-hearted! But a lot of how the aging process unfurls is decided by our bodies own defense mechanism.

Senescent cells, now being examined in mice by scientists studying how our bodies age, help us to defend against things like cancer by stopping the natural process of cell division. Cells that have been damaged by radiation and chemotherapy sometimes don’t die off, and eventually build up because our immune systems can’t get rid of them. They’ve become — zombie cells!

Zombie Cell Identify And Destroy

The thinking is that if science can come up with a way to kill off these already dead (because they’ve stopped dividing) cells, our bodies will live longer and healthier. Here’s why.

If damaged cells achieve senescent status, they then start dribbling out a mixture of toxic substances which, like a bad apple, ends up poisoning the other good apples. And research shows it doesn’t take many of the zombies to mess up our lives.

The research involving mice is starting to reveal significant insight into why we age, and what factors determine the quality of aging. Looking down the road, the goal is to develop single use therapies that can control or destroy cells responsible for joint pain, eye disease, and a host of other ailments that tend to make life difficult for seniors.

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I use social media to stay in touch with my profession and my great YPL clients. For Pilates and fitness news, visit my Do The 100 blog. I also tweet and post on Facebook and Google+, so please follow, like or circle my channels to find out what’s on my mind and to let me know what’s on yours.

You can also reserve your next YPL Private or Duet on YPL’s Facebook page.

For Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Food Choices Make A Difference

Turmeric One of History’s Oldest Nutritional Supplements

We are what we eat, and as our knowledge about diet evolves, so do our choices about what we put on our plates.

Turmeric, part of the ginger family, contains anti-inflammatory compounds that are being studied for their effect on certain cancers, as well as several other common ailments.

As a basic medicinal aid turmeric goes way back in human history. The earliest discoveries of this ancient herbal additive date back over 4,500 years ago, and it was first mentioned as part of Ayurvedic medicine 2,500 years ago.

If you’ve got it in your spice rack, dietitians suggest including it with your meals to increase absorption. Stumped for ideas? Here’s a list of recipes from soups to bbq to fire up your imagination.

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Help Your Brain Stay In Shape By Enjoying This Diet

The benefits of following a Mediterranean diet have been well known for some time, and there’s a growing body of  evidence that along with cardiovascular health our brains might do better as well.

Fish, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, and a lot fewer saturated fats are the major hallmarks of the popular food profile, which includes snack foods like hummus, yogurt, and fresh citrus.

It should be noted that any health benefit that’s based on nutrition isn’t going to happen after a meal or three, but depends instead on a long-term commitment that will have an impact over time.

Find out more in this Mayo Clinic Minute update on the Mediterranean diet and why it’s so good for us.

Do Your Body’s BMI Numbers Add Up?

I've never been a follower of the overly simplified Body Mass Indicator calculation as an infallible measure of obesity. The one-size-fits-all equation has never been able to factor in muscle mass as a component, because it can't differentiate between fat tissue and lean muscle fiber, and muscle weighs more than fat.

— Learn more about Classical Pilates here

It's known that most people with a high BMI are, in fact, obese. But most isn't all, and on top of that, some segments of the population actually benefit from being a little overweight.

Find out what's being said about BMI, obesity, and actions you can take to make sure your health profile is where you want it, on this Silver Sneakers web page.

Lets Stay Connected

rock those abs with a power pilates workout!

Eventually a favorite student stops showing up, usually without warning. Sometimes new pastures beckon, life throws a curve ball, or the family is growing. Or maybe it’s just time to take a little break and relax.

Whatever the reason, lets stay in touch. If you’ve got unused sessions and don’t want to see them expire, I can put them on hold until you’re ready. The important thing is to stay connected and keep that positive Pilates energy focused for a strong physical and mental benefit.

My Back's Killing Me! Now What?

More evidence is piling up on the best way to recover after a back injury. The latest news on getting mobile again comes from the Harvard Medical School, where they've concluded that babying your injured spine may actually delay healing.

Thinking continues to evolve that supports exercise and movement as a healthier approach than surgery when it comes to therapy.

back pain therapies continue to evolve

This comprehensive article is full of information on the subject of back pain, from its increasing incidence as we get older to the very interesting opinion that back pain, unlike any other injury, is experienced more as a neurological symptom than a physical injury. In other words, it just could be that a lot of the time the pain is a result of our thinking it hurts, probably as a built-in self-defense mechanism.

"Back pain most often results from inevitable tissue failure caused by age-related deterioration," as opposed to sudden movement involving heavy lifting or intense exercise. But regardless of how one arrives in this condition, a growing number of sources are recommending (which depend on the severity of the injury) avoiding pharmaceuticals and surgery as much as possible.

Managing Your Workout Schedule Is Easy And Convenient

its easy to sign in and manage your YPL online accountYPL has several convenient ways to manage your sessions. The main YPL online scheduler (left) is perfect for booking your appointments, classes, and for maintaining your account. It’s fast, easy, and available 24-7. Not sure how it works? Visit my help page for tips.

What happens if you miss the cutoff time for the workout slot you wanted? Just text or call, and if there’s a spot you’d like open I’ll work you in. The same goes for those rare occasions when the system’s down, or if you need to late cancel.

The Pilates Contrology System

When Joseph Pilates created his fitness training method, his focus was on controlling the body by engaging the mind. He named his theory Contrology, and when understood and followed greatly improves the results you’ll experience at every level.

It isn’t easy to combine the physical with the mental. When we do The 100, for instance, it’s a lot easier to simply go with the flow than it is to concentrate on proper form, breathing, engagement, and the other factors that could be called multi-tasking.

You can learn more about the mind-body connection in this short article that does a good job of explaining the rewards of pursuing a Contrology workout.

Pilates balance

At Your Pilates Lifestyle, my Classic Practice focuses on achieving the rhythmic harmony that naturally occurs when mental focus and physical conditioning are in synch. The feeling experienced after powering through the challenge of a Classical workout is one of accomplishment, control, and exhilaration.

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