Pilates of Boca is a fabulous facility

I earned my mat and equipment certification from the Power Pilates training center in Boca Raton, one of the foremost Pilates educational facilities in the country.

earning a Power Pilates certification requires plenty of study

Extensive coursework is required before taking a demanding series of practical and written exams, which is then followed by 600 hours of closely supervised apprenticeship at an approved Pilates studio.

a continuing education session at Pilates of Boca

Pilates training is never finished! Keeping up to date means a steady diet of continuing education taken with my peers – essential for offering the best possible training of a quality product.

the road to your pilates lifestyle
by Susan Siebenthaler

pointerIn the early ’90s my career as a Legal Assistant was well established when I began hearing and reading about the Pilates Method.

My clients receive Classical Pilates training for maximum fitness benefitsAs a Classically certified Pilates trainer, every one of my clients receives attentive instruction taught in a professional studio atmosphere.

It wasn’t long before Pilates studios and classes made their way to the Sunshine State. I began taking group classes and absolutely loved the results!

Wanting more, I added private equipment sessions to my group class workouts, but I wasn’t finished.

train, study, repeat
Loving the way I felt mentally and physically after my sessions and searching for a healthier lifestyle than what working a law office offered I began the journey towards earning my own teacher certification.

After extensive research comparing several national programs, I chose New York’s Power Pilates course work for my certification, commuting to their South Florida training center in Boca Raton where I learned the Classical method from Pilates of Boca studio owner and Pilates teacher Stefanie Ellis.

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a studio i can call my own!
The Power Pilates comprehensive program includes extensive in-studio time, practical and written exams, and a 600-hour apprenticeship requirement at an approved studio, which for me was the former Pilates Premier Studio in St. Petersburg.

I apprenticed there under the watchful eye of Tess Whelan, who holds classical certifications from both Romana Krysanowska and Power Pilates.

After 2-1/2 years teaching at Pilates Premier, I opened Your Pilates Lifestyle, LLC, in October, 2010. I haven’t looked back since.

I attend continuing education courses whenever possible to increase my knowledge and understanding of the practice as well as for personal growth.

I love what I do and the people I meet! Pilates has truly changed my life!

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