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Your Pilates Lifestyle is online with MindBody client management software.

Your Pilates Lifestyle

pointer What makes certified Pilates training so effective compared to dance beat club classes? The intense focus, originally developed by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago, on building the critical connection between mind and body that concentrates on core stability and spine flexibility.

The transformation begins with your first workout in my Classical Pilates studio. You’ll notice how quickly your body responds to certified Power Pilates fitness training in a Classical Pilates Education environment, guided by my combination of Classical and Contemporary methods.

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Fast-paced Power Pilates flow routines develop a high energy powerhouse core and enhanced spine flexibility. The results are better sports performance, a longer, leaner body, increased stamina, smoother muscle tone, and improved posture, balance, and stability.

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The Difference Is In The Details

book your fitness session todayspacerWith Your Pilates Lifestyle as your training partner, you’ll experience an unrivaled whole body workout, enjoyed in a clean and comfortable professional fitness environment that respects client privacy and individual requirements.

Group classes and private sessions are taught on hand crafted American made professional reformers, towers, and chairs. Many routines also include specially developed props and exercise aids to tweak that last ounce of performance.

Your Pilates Lifestyle mid-Pinellas studio is conveniently located just minutes from nearby Gulf beaches, at 6400 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, Florida. Take control of a new, healthier you — call or head online today to schedule your first visit.

Classical Pilates Fitness Training - Classes and Schedules
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*New client? I’ll need your completed New Client Contact and Information sheet before your first workout. Filling out your New Client Studio Intake Form online is easy and convenient and speeds up the enrollment process. (If you’re having difficulty, don’t hesitate to call for help with the instructions.)


Easily manage your workout schedule and purchase fitness packages online in your browser, or use the free app on your phone or tablet. At Your Pilates Lifestyle there aren’t any hidden signup, enrollment, or membership fees or charges. You pay only for the classes you want, when you want them. (Autodebit is optional for convenience, but not required.)

1. Commit to fitness

When you make YPL Pilates part of a healthy, positive lifestyle, you've taken the first step towards training body and mind to overcome the stresses of everyday living.

2. reserve your workout

YPL classes and sessions are managed online. If you’re having trouble and need personal service just call. Need to cancel? Please do so at least six hours ahead of time so you won’t be charged for the space.

3. Start Training today

Your life changing journey will transform how you feel physically and mentally. Joseph Pilates wrote that…

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference.
In 20 you will see the difference.
And in 30, you’ll be on your way to
having a whole new body.”

— Joseph Pilates —

mid county's newest classical pilates studio
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mid county's newest classical pilates studio
member: Pilates Method Alliance Pilates Method Alliance
home | about | contact | classes | pricing | site design
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