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read the label, then decide on yogurt choices

Yogurt’s Great! Read Contents, Decide

We go through a fair amount of yogurt in my house. From breakfast with fruit to salad dressing at dinner and smoothies in between, it’s a versatile, complete food with no downside and plenty of benefit, including probiotics. But there’s a catch.

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Not all yogurts are created the same. In fact, very few are. I keep the refrigerator stocked with Cabot Greek Style. Before that, my preferred brand was Axlerod Plain, until Publix quite carrying their yogurt. Both are free of the useless thickeners, gels, sweeteners, and flavors others add to create texture and taste without any benefit.

“Greek style” is just that, yogurt finished in the Greek style, which usually refers to a yogurt that’s been strained three times instead of two as in regular yogurt. That third straining results in a thicker product with more protein. You can easily make this yourself with regular yogurt drained through a kitchen sieve, cheesecloth, or other simple device.

Regardless of whether or not your yogurt is “Greek style” or regular, you’re much better off if you make sure it’s dairy only and forget the useless calories that come from flavors mixed in by the manufacturer.

Want it sweeter? Add honey! That's how it’s served as desert in Greek restaurants! Fruit? Mix in whatever’s in season: strawberries, blueberries, cherries, apple, or dried fruits. Granola and nuts go with either a sweet or savory yogurt recipe.

Regardless of your preferences, yogurt is a perfect snack or a main meal component. Just make sure what you’re eating comes from the farm, and not the lab. If you’d like to learn more about the fascinating history of dairy in our diets, check out Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages.

5 Ways to Lose – You Be the Judge

Here’s a quick list of suggested ways to shed a few pounds, from Jim White at Fitness magazine. If they sound good to you, give them a try.

  • Salad or steak? The vitamin B-12 in meat, and other nutrients, is known to help in weight loss. So don’t feel guilty, especially if the salad is just a cover for a 1,500 calorie dressing.
  • Diets usually encourage a high cal reward at the end which might lead to more bad behavior. Better to make a life change instead.
  • Thinking low calorie? You’ll probably wind up eating more of the less tasty, and arguably less nutritious, offering. Instead, go for the hearty (in moderation).
  • Another theory is that simply not eating consistently just tells the body to turn down the metabolic furnace, which can end up negating the desired results. Eat on a regular schedule.
  • Reduce stress. A new study shows high stress can slow metabolism, as much as 100 calories worth in tests involving the same meal but with different subjects. Put another way, that’s 11 pounds a year in retained weight. Alternative? Walk 30 minutes.

What’s Waiting In The Water?

Warm Weather Can Promote Dangerous Organisms

In Florida we’re surrounded by water. In Pinellas County that includes freshwater lakes, ponds, and streams, the Gulf of Mexico, and bayous and bays everywhere.

Two recent articles highlight the very rare, but deadly, microscopic threats that can pose a danger during hot summer months, the time when we’re most likely to be spending time in the water.

Popping up in headline-driven news these days are dramatic reports on the presence of Vibrio vulnificus, a warm weather bacteria that only exists in saltwater and if contracted is usually fatal.

Another warm weather water hazard is found primarily in fresh water throughout the South. Naegleria fowleri is a single celled ameoba that’s most often found in the sediment of lakes and ponds. If it gains entrance to the body through the nasal passages and gains a foothold it’s nearly 100% fatal.

Since so much of our time is spent at the beach or on a lake, a little knowledge about these organisms can help us understand the potential threat they pose. Click on the CDC links above to discover when and why we should be concerned.

Top Models Share Fitness Tips

top models share fitness tips

A current article in Vogue talks about how women in the entertainment spotlight maintain their healthful looks in a high stress environment. The answer: it’s not easy, but here are three tips many have in common and which we can duplicate in our own (non-entertainment) lives.

1) Use wearable technology. Fitbit is one of many bracelet style trackers that record your daily activity, awake or asleep. Available in several models and many styles, keeping accurate count of your daily steps is a great way to get started.

Weight maintenance? At least 10,000 steps a day. Weight loss? Step it up to 14,000 or more daily. You’ll know where you are at all times and that can really help achieve your goal.

2) As we women (and men!) ah-hem mature, our metabolism drops. By the time we’re in our 40s it’s down almost a quarter – and that’s nearly a meal a day! There’s only one thing to do: decrease intake. (Ouch!)

3) Finally, and overall easiest, is to eat more vegetables. Several studies now show at least five servings a day can make a big difference but sounds difficult. On the contrary, a Vitamix blender makes it quick and simple, and it doesn’t remove fiber like a juicer does.

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Use your iOS or Android device to stay connected? Search Apple iTunes or the Android app store for Mindbody, then download the Connect app (right) for the latest in convenient group class fitness scheduling.

Connect features a fresh, fully customizeable user interface. Create a profile and keep track of appointments. Just download, sign in, and you’re off.

note: Mobile apps can’t book Privates or Duets or purchase packages at this time.

YPL Is Your Online Pilates Connection

Convenient And Secure Online Scheduling

its easy to sign in and manage your YPL online accountYPL offers several convenient ways to manage your sessions. The main YPL online scheduler (left) is perfect for booking your appointments, classes, and for maintaining your account. It’s fast, convenient and available 24-7. Not sure how it works? Visit the help page for tips.

What happens if you miss the cutoff time for the workout slot you wanted? Just e-mail or call, and if there’s a spot open I’ll work you in. The same goes for those rare occasions when the system’s down, or if you need to late cancel.

Social Media On Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

Social media is how I stay in touch with my profession and my great YPL clients! For specials, events, and ways to get the most out of your Pilates training, visit my Do The 100 blog. I also tweet and post on Facebook and Google+, so please follow, like or circle my pages to find out what’s on my mind and to let me know what’s on yours.

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On the YPL Facebook page click the MindBody Book Online tab, then select a service — Private or Duet — a type (same choice,) a day and time. It’s quick and easy.

When you use the Facebook app to schedule it’s easy to share (we’d sure like it if you did) your YPL fitness session activity directly to your own page to let your Facebook friends know how much you enjoy YPL PIlates!

The Pilates System

Joseph Pilates explained his breakthrough fitness concepts nearly a century ago, when he developed an interrelated set of physical and mental relationships that, when followed, achieve a defined goal. (You can read the original Pilates Method at benjamindegenhardt.com.)

To explain his revolutionary fitness plan he diagramed the importance of developing a physical and mental relationship.

Pilates balance

At YPL, the Classic Practice focuses on achieving the rhythmic harmony that naturally occurs when mental clarity and physical conditioning are in synch. The feeling you experience is one of accomplishment, control, and exhilaration after powering through a challenging workout.

rock those abs with a power pilates workout!Saturday Morning Challenge

Start the weekend right. Warm up with a mat class at nine, then follow up with a 10 o'clock tower class!

Saturdays, 9-11 - warm up on the mat, then stay for the tower! (limit 2)

Lets Stay In Touch

It’s inevitable that sooner or later a favorite student goes missing. Sometimes new pastures beckon, life throws a curveball, or the family is growing. Or maybe it’s just time to take a little vacation and relax.

Whatever the reason, lets stay in touch. If you’ve got unused sessions and don’t want to see them expire, I can put them on hold until you’re ready. The important thing is to stay connected. Keep that positive Pilates energy focused and engaged for a strong physical and mental benefit.

Two Ways To Share: Buy YPL Gift Cards Online Or In The Studio

give a YPL gift card - purchase online or in the studio

A YPL Gift Card is a great way to introduce a friend to Pilates fitness. Treat someone special to a memorable fitness experience that’s sure to make a difference.

Shop for your YPL Gift Card online today. Just select the Online Store tab, then look for Gift Cards - or customize our special YPL house brand (above) the next time you visit the studio.

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