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School’s Nearly Out, Summer’s Nearly Here

going on vacation? try a new workout!

Time to start thinking about vacations – destinations, themes, distance, length. And by no means least, workouts on the road.

Sometimes a vacation should be just that. A time to put aside the weekly routine and getting absolutely nothing done except to relax. There’s another side, though, that treats vacation time as an opportunity to explore, discover, and learn.

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to abandon your fitness practice. In fact, it’s a perfect time to try out workout options. You might be surprised at how different one studio can be from another, even when teaching the basics.

Some hotels offer guest passes to local gyms or studios as a perk. Or try the Mindbody app (Android and iOS) to find a studio close to where you’re staying. The more adventureous might even try testing their workout on a handy beach or a nearby park.

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Can Exercise Curb Depression?

It’s safe to say that just about everyone who sticks to a consistent workout routine does so in part because of the positive vibe they get after a solid session of dedicated sweat. And it’s long been recognized that the body’s reaction to physical activity is to produce endorphins that, in turn, can create a pleasant feeling that doesn’t end with the workout.

Now there’s new research from the University of California’s Davis campus that demonstrates the effect working out can have in treating clinical depression. The study discovered that exercise increased the level of two types of neurotransmitters that are usually depleted in the brains of patients suffering from depression and anxiety. Neurotransmitters allow the brain to communicate with the body, thus the link between exercise and a feeling of well-being.

Another positive result that working out can deliver is to help keep the brain healthy. It turns out that sustained physical activity causes the brain to burn more fuel than mental activity alone, an important factor in brain function and condition.

At the very least, the study reinforces the notion that a walk in the woods or a swim at the beach can help with the blues.

Training For the Rio Olympics

Whether it’s track and field, swimming, or one of the many alternative sports that make up the modern Olympics, each has its own routine when it comes to a training schedule. Considering that these are the world’s elite athletes, comparing their routines to the average fitness student is, well, impossible. The goals may be similar on some level, but most of us work out as part of an overall plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Nevertheless, questions and comparisons arise. This article in Well And Good wanted to know a little about how super track star Allyson Felix spends her days getting ready for this summer’s games. Here’s what her four-day week one workout looks like.

Running track is a lot different than lifting weights, but dedication and determination are at the heart of achieving your own level of maximum performance. If you’re consistent, maintain proper form, and challenge your limits, you’ll quickly find out what you can achieve.

Pilates And The Pelvic Floor

In Pilates we always talk about our core, and that includes the intricate and complex muscle groups that comprises our pelvic floor. Ignore it, and bad things can happen, especially for pregnant women who are at risk from a weak pelvic floor.

Targeting the pelvic floor is admittedly not easy, but if you’re successful at training your core correctly your pelvic floor will come along for the ride. What’s more, there is now science behind targeting that elusive muscle group for a better outcome.

the elvie is a device that provides accurate kegel feedback

As every Pilates student already knows, lower back pain is often a symptom of a weak core, something that gym crunches aimed at the abs will never correct.

The bottom – no pun intended – line? Focus on technique, perform a quality routine instead of bouncing your way through a workout, and you’ll strengthen and train the most important muscle group in your body.

Your MindBody Email Subscription Options

MindBody notifications setting

When you create your new client profile you can opt in to MindBody's email notifications and newsletters. MindBody uses notifications to keep you updated on personal account items like when your classes or packages are expiring, the number of classes you have remaining, scheduled appointments, etc. It’s a good idea to make sure you check this box, although lately there have been a few glitches in delivery.

The newsletter option connects you to promotions and marketing materials from Mindbody. If that interests you, check it also.

Planking Around — How Long Can You Hold?

We can all agree that as a single exercise the Plank is one of the most useful poses there is to build a strong core. But right after proper form comes the question of just how long we can or should hold to obtain benefit.

As you can imagine, that question has been answered. In May, 2015, a Dane named Tom Hoel broke his previous time of three hours and eight minutes by a bunch when he reset the world record for planking at four hours and 28 minutes.

Extreme times aside, is there a recommended time to hold your plank for maximum effect? At least one expert physical therapist says if your core is developed and in good shape a two minute hold is the maximum recommended hold. Anything beyond that is a waste of time, and more importantly presents a risk of injury.

rock those abs with a power pilates workout!Saturday Morning Warmup

Start the weekend right. Sign up for the YPL 10 o'clock tower class and get motivated for the day ahead!

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Lets Stay In Touch

It’s inevitable that sooner or later a favorite student goes missing. Sometimes new pastures beckon, life throws a curve ball, or the family is growing. Or maybe it’s just time to take a little vacation and relax.

Whatever the reason, lets stay in touch. If you’ve got unused sessions and don’t want to see them expire, I can put them on hold until you’re ready. The important thing is to stay connected. Keep that positive Pilates energy focused and engaged for a strong physical and mental benefit.

Buy YPL Gift Cards Online Or In The Studio

give a YPL gift card - purchase online or in the studio

A YPL Gift Card is a great way to introduce a friend to Pilates fitness. Treat someone special to a memorable fitness experience that’s sure to make a difference.

Shop for your YPL Gift Card online today. Just select the Online Store tab, then look for Gift Cards - or customize our special YPL house brand the next time you visit the studio.

Fitbit And Mindbody Connect

fitbit works with mindbody app

If you’re one of the millions who keep track of their personal fitness with the Fitbit activity tracker, you can download the free Mindbody Connect app for Android and Mac and get in synch!

You’ll be able to measure heart rate, heart rate zones, minutes of activity, and calories burned during your workout and use that information to fine tune your fitness training schedule.


mindbody's new connect appspacerFBappBook Mobile – Grab The Free App

Search the Apple iTunes or Android app store for Mindbody, then download the Connect app (right) for the latest in convenient group class fitness scheduling.

Connect features a fully customizeable user interface. Create a profile and keep track of appointments and workouts if you’re using Fitbit. Just download, sign in, and you’re off.

note: Mobile apps can’t book Privates or Duets or purchase packages at this time.

YPL Is Your Online Pilates Connection

Convenient And Secure Online Scheduling

its easy to sign in and manage your YPL online accountYPL offers several convenient ways to manage your sessions. The main YPL online scheduler (left) is perfect for booking your appointments, classes, and for maintaining your account. It’s fast, convenient and available 24-7. Not sure how it works? Visit the help page for tips.

What happens if you miss the cutoff time for the workout slot you wanted? Just e-mail or call, and if there’s a spot open I’ll work you in. The same goes for those rare occasions when the system’s down, or if you need to late cancel.

Social Media On Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

Social media is how I stay in touch with my profession and my great YPL clients! For specials, events, and ways to get the most out of your Pilates training, visit my Do The 100 blog. I also tweet and post on Facebook and Google+, so please follow, like or circle my pages to find out what’s on my mind and to let me know what’s on yours.

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Book your next YPL Private or Duet (sorry, no group class sign-up yet) on Facebook!

On the YPL Facebook page click the MindBody Book Online tab, then select a service — Private or Duet — a type (same choice,) a day and time. It’s quick and easy.

When you use the Facebook app to schedule it’s easy to share (we’d sure like it if you did) your YPL fitness session activity directly to your own page to let your Facebook friends know how much you enjoy YPL PIlates!

The Pilates Contrology System – Achieving Pilates Balance

Joseph Pilates developed his breakthrough Contrology fitness concepts nearly a century ago. To explain his revolutionary exercise workouts he diagramed the importance of a physical and mental practice that, when followed, results in superior conditioning. (You can read the original Pilates Method at benjamindegenhardt.com.)

Pilates balance

At YPL, the Classic Practice focuses on achieving the rhythmic harmony that naturally occurs when mental clarity and physical conditioning are in synch. The feeling you experience after powering through a challenging YPL workout is one of accomplishment, control, and exhilaration.

Pilates Method Alliance member: Pilates Method Alliance
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