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Professional Performance From Balanced Body

About Our Balanced Body Pilates Equipment

When Your Pilates Lifestyle was still in the planning stage, I’d already decided I wanted Balanced Body Reformers to train my future students on. Their story of success continues to inspire and motivate.

Balanced Body founder Ken Endelman kept saying no to custom equipment requests right up until he became the world’s largest supplier of Pilates equipment to studios and for private use. The story about the California native, who grew up just outside of Los Angeles and now lives in Sacramento, credits a life-long interest in working with his hands for the company’s current success.

From Waterbeds to Reformers

Endelman was building frames for a waterbed company in the mid-‘70s that was on its way down when a customer first asked him to create a Pilates reformer for her personal practice. He agreed, without giving it much thought.

After finally taking a look at the apparatus he’d agreed to reproduce, which he’d put off as long as he could, he saw plenty of room for improvement, and the enterprise that began as a series of one-at-a-time orders for custom equipment today sits leads the pack of manufacturers of professional Pilates machines.

Built to Last A Lifetime

Balanced Body equipment reflects the founder’s reputation as a builder of fine furniture, from the doweled joinery of the reformer to the rock maple, one of the hardest woods available, used for the frame. The glued dowel joinery keeps the frames perfectly aligned for a lifetime of hard, everyday use.

Watch How Balanced Body Reformers Come To Life

Attention to detail and nearly indestructible construction are the hallmarks of Balanced Body’s professional line of Pilates apparatus.

In the nearly five decades the company’s been in business, Engelman has accumulated 28 separate patents for Balanced Body Pilates equipment, including the Revo Springbar reformer adjuster that maintains constant spring tension for the carriage in various seating configurations. This is why when you work out at Your Pilates Lifestyle, you’re working out on the best equipment available.

Pilates Looks Scary!!

Newbies: It’s Not What You Think

No doubt about it, one look at some of the Pilates equipment (reformer, tower, cadillac, chair, etc.) can strike fear in a newbies heart. Don’t be afraid! It’s not as scary or intimating as it looks. After all, Joseph Pilates created the piece of equipment called the “cadillac” as a result of working with patients in a hospital bed.

There are exercises for all levels of fitness as well as modifications. However, when in doubt – leave it out, should be the mantra.

That’s not to say “don’t challenge yourself,” but if there is a valid concern about fitness level, safety or injury because of a pre-existing condition, any exercise can either be modified or omitted. In short, Joseph Pilates created a wonderful system of exercises that can be modified to achieve positive results in almost any instance.

While Pilates may not be appropriate for or appeal to everyone, most people can safely and effectively incorporate it into their workout regime. Even in a group setting, Pilates is an individual practice utilizing YOUR BODY and YOUR MIND! Just ignore your classmates, “put your blinders on”, and work with what your mind/body can do that day.  Most important of all – have fun!!