The Physical Art of Pilates Control

Pilates Control by Bluebird Pilates in Munich

This is a great example of Pilates control at its best. Bluebird Pilates in Munich uses a variety of studio equipment to demonstrate the ultimate in controlled Pilates movements.

Obviously, not everyone (or most of us for that matter) will achieve this level of precision and expertise. However, we can all benefit from striving to achieve our own personal best, and keeping this video in mind while performing our own practice is a good place to begin.

I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

Pilates Mind-Body Muscle Control

What’s Our Body Doing When We Perform An Exercise?

Clients often ask, “What muscle(s) am I using”? Well, in Pilates, as in everday life, it takes a village. And in our Pilates village, when everyone works together the product is perfect form and functional fitness. Look at all the muscles being used in just this one exercise!

The human body is truly amazing! Lots of muscles are recruited at the same time to perform our daily tasks. This illustration of the single leg stretch emphasizes this point.

Concentrate For The Best Results

When performed properly even a seemingly simple exercise like the single leg kick requires a lot of cooperation from many muscle groups. This is why maintaining the critical mind-body connection is so important to proper form and development.

The Pilates Chair Builds Core And Cardio

Of all the strange looking (to Pilates newbies) apparatus you’ll find in a professionally equipped studio, the Pilates Chair really gets a lot of attention.

Designed and developed by Joseph Pilates for double duty as a dedicated piece of exercise equipment that can also be converted to seating in a tiny living space, the Chair is one of my most versatile training aids. As a chair, though, I’ve got to say it’s got a long ways to go before I’ll be using it to sit in.

When combined with a Reformer footboard routine, you’ll get a cardio workout unlike anything you’ve experienced before, challenging both those abs and the big muscle groups in the legs. Did I mention upper body strength? As you can tell, the Pilates Chair is as versatile as it is strange looking.

Pilates Housekeeping

One of the more challenging aspects of owning a professionally equipped Pilates studio is figuring out how to store all the odd shaped and, lets face it, difficult to manage equipment required to customize each students experience. Because floor space is at a premium, just about every studio owner looks to the wall as their first choice for keeping that odd spring or apparatus handy until needed. Continue reading